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Dear Asifa

This post originally appeared on The Logical Indians

Dear Asifa,

We met your parents recently at your place at Rasana in Kathua district of Jammu. They miss you a lot. This is the second occasion when they are faced with such a difficult time. We were shocked when we heard that you had lost your two brothers and one elder sister in a road accident earlier and you were the only daughter left in your family.


:-  (Little Asifa with an angelic smile.) 

The two elder brothers of yours burst into tears when I asked them about you. I was informed by your parents that the younger among them – who was extremely talkative and used to tease you – hardly speaks.

Your mother whom you used to call ‘mamma’ was showing us the clothes, school bag, chappel and shoe you left behind. She was inconsolable and we ran short of words to calm her down.

She told us that you were unable to control hunger for food. You were kept inside the temple and the cattle shed without food before your murder. She was literally shivering while talking about the brutality you faced in just eight years of your life.


Your daddy has gone into depression because you were close to him. He is surviving on heavy dose of anti-depressants. We saw his prescription.

But believe me, you rule their hearts. You are alive among them. You are not at all dead.


:-    (Asifa’s home at Rasana in Kathua district of Jammu.) 

Do you know one thing? Our consciousness is now dead. A few years ago, we at least had a little bit of consciousness left when we came on the road seeking justice for Nirbhaya. But now we have stooped to a level where we hold our national flag in hand and come out in support for the bloody monstrous instead of seeking justice for you. All such inhuman act is now being accepted as a new normal thing in our ‘New India’.

– Tarique Anwar (Journalist with


Read another heart touching poem Oh, The Lies! (Justice for Asifa) by Dhwani
few of whose lines goes like :-


Nirbhaya, Kathua, Unau
All are a constant reminder
Of the countless times women were tortured
And the countless times they were denied justice.

It could be you sister, your wife, your daughter, your girlfriend

Who could be dead today

But then again, it could be your brother, your friend, your son, your husband

Whose dead humanity killed them.
The biggest lie they tell us is that
These monsters are either imaginary, or far away or strangers.

by Dhwani.

Read full poetry by Dhwani here.


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Author’s note:-
Asifa, everytime the innocent people like you have to face the brutality of the monsters hiding behind the curtain of humanity, several group come up with protest and campaigns. Like in Nirbhaya’s case. But still, our society is no more a safer place.
I’m sorry, though I’m a part of this society, yet I couldn’t guarantee you safety. I really don’t know who is the monster here.
I’m ashamed that I couldn’t do anything.
It could be changed only if we’ll change our inner self.
With Love and peace to your soul,
Your brother.

4 thoughts on “Dear Asifa”

  1. How shameful!!!!
    Such type of crimes are increasing day by day in our country and we say that our country is “developing”. Is this the development?? Is this the result of laws and orders that are implemented against women’s safety?
    No death penalty. In kamino ko bhi 3 din tak bhukhe pyase rkhna chahiye aur fir public k saamne beech road pr tadpa tadpa kr maut k ghat utarna chahiye. Taki inhe bhi uss dard ka ehsas ho. Inhe bhi realize ho aakhir us 8 saal ki masoom bacchi pr Kya beeti hogi.
    None of us can even imagine the pain se went through in just 8 years of age.
    May her soul rest in peace.

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  2. Just this morning I read of an 8 year old boy, raped and murdered.
    I could read no further otherwise I would not have been able to drive to work.
    Child abuse is so common and the abusers literally get away with murder.
    Beyond sad.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Really Ma’m. It’s so pathetic. Just by reading those incidents our heart brokes down and our senses shatters. We started feeling the pain the victim had gone through. I wonder how those murderers are able to do such nasty crime when they are actually witnessing the pain the victim is going through, they hears their screams, terrified voice asking for mercy. They aren’t human.
    Unless all of them will not be punished, we can’t feel safe, We can’t stop such things, We can’t restore our faith on judiciary.


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