Poetry (English)

In Love With A Prostitute.

My heart was screaming, With all senses on mute. I guess I was in love,with the girl inside that prostitute.”



ith passing days, her behaviour reflected more of her cuteness and my admiration were always finding an excuse to be about her. She is cute. She is beautiful. She is enthralling. And moreover, she is awesome.

Social Issues

Dear Asifa

Asifa, everytime the innocent people like you have to face the brutality of the monsters hiding behind the curtain of humanity, several group come up with protest and campaigns. Like in Nirbhaya’s case. But still, our society is no more a safer place.
I’m sorry, though I’m a part of this society, yet I couldn’t guarantee you safety. I really don’t know who is the monster here.
I’m ashamed that I couldn’t do anything.
It could be changed only if we’ll change our inner self.

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He called me his friend,

And that evening, he came up with the reasons for the friendship to end,

I had never felt so disgusted at his touch,

The feeling I got was negative much,

He touched me like I was another one of his missions,

Forgetting all the cute friendship we had in tutions,

He came close and kissed me on my lips,

Moving his hands through my hair and then improvising on some tips,

Who gave him the right to touch me where no one can,

He thought it was the right time to show me that he was a man,

Pulling me back towards him when I tried to run,

He thought that this disgusting process gave me some fun,

I managed to escape that hell he had made,

I’m sure, one day, with karma doing something wrong to him, he will be paid.


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